Service Offerings

CXO Connections focuses on connecting corporate clients with both talent and consulting support for successful growth.  

Our service offerings include:

Executive Search

There has never been a greater opportunity for finding exceptional talent and making critical key hires.  In today’s extreme competitive environment, outsourcing the recruitment process for key positions is a “must have”.  While there are many options and search firms available, we believe we have a unique ability to deliver ongoing value to any organization, large or small.  Our value-added approach to executive search can best be described in three ways:   

Business First - We begin each search by first gaining a deep understanding of the business… the strategic focus, the competitors, and the overall business need, including current revenue goals, obstacles, and issues.  From here, we develop the profile, attributes, experience and qualifications required to best meet our clients’ needs.

Chemistry-Driven - An 'above-average' amount of time is spent understanding and appreciating the culture and chemistry of the existing leadership team to ensure the best possible match for future success.  We have seen where candidates meet the business need but are not a cultural fit, and we believe one can’t be successful without the other.

Operational Experience - As former CXO, VP, and managers, we understand the positions from true experience, and as a result, we know the right questions to ask, the “gotchas” to avoid, and the ability to decipher and qualify potential candidates.  Finally, because we have the operational experience and battle scars to prove it, we believe we can conclude searches more quickly.

Management Consulting

We take the business knowledge gained in helping clients with talent acquisition and continue to deliver value by offering management consulting services where clients need additional help, i.e., revenue and sales strategy, raising capital, cutting costs, or improving profitability.  Our interim ‘bench’ of executive talent offers deep operational experience in finance, technology, sales, marketing, business development, and professional services to further support our clients’ short-term and/or interim business needs.